Before the dawn

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50 Day H!P Photo Challenge - Day 17
Least Favorite Favorite Photo Book? [Replacement Question] Tanaka Reina’s Alo Hello


The Darkness- I Believe In a Thing Called Love

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Mocha Chocolata

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Hello, there. My formal name is Lady Jane, but please feel free to call me ‘Gina.’ I come from an era long gone from this modern world, but I’m still here, aren’t I? What’s the reason for my existence and why do I not age? The answer is simple. I’m a vampire.

My friends have all gone and I’m sure you know the reason why. Please help this lady and reblog/like or even follow me. Anything would be appreciated (especially if you let me feed off of you) and you can gain a new friend, cuddle buddy, or any other label. Just remember, I am part of the darkness in the night. Be careful where you step.

About || Important || 18+ AU RP Blog || Semi-lit, care to plot?

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when things happen and you just want to casually bash your head into the wall—

I’m Here to say something…

"When Life gives you a hundred reasons to cry show life that

you have a thousand reasons to smile”

here’s a lil present for you


PS: You are someone’s reason to smile … so keep on smiling cutie ^^

TaeTae Loves You <3



Oh thank you noona ; u ;